Self-Regulating Heating Trace Cable

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Self-Regulating Heating Trace Cables are used for frost protection of pipelines, tanks, and other applications where low temperature is needed. It is suitable for hazardous areas, also non-hazardous areas,s and corrosive areas.



SRM Series:

Low-Temperature Self Regulating Heating Cable for Residential or Commercial Use with CE and High Quality
SRM2: No  thinned copper metal &outer
SRM2-C Thinned copper metal braid
SRM2-CT Tinned copper metal braid and thermoplastic outer jacket
SRM2-CF Thinned copper metal braid and fluoropolymer outer jacket
SSR series:
SSR-P Tinned copper braid provides additional mechanical and ground protection.
SSR-PF Fluoropolymer outer jacket is used for exposure to organic or corrosive working conditions.
Max. resistance of braid ≤18.2Ω/km
Bus wire gauge 16 AWG
Certification CE EAC EAC-ex ATEX


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