Rigid cable U 1000 R02V

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This cable is for use on industrial sites and the upright columns of buildings



U1000 R2V R02V XLPE Insulated Un-armoured Power & General Wiring Cable

U-1000 R2V/R02V – Construction

U1000 R2V R02V XLPE Insulated Un-Armoured Power & General Wiring Cable

Conductor: : rigid red copper conductor, class  1 (Φ ≤ 4 mm²)
stranded circular compacted copper conductor, class 2 (Φ>4mm²)
Insulation : XLPE crosslinked polyethylene (no dry cool)
Outer sheath : PVC
U-1000 R02V – Technical data and tests
Standards : NF C 32-321 C32-321/A1; IEC 60502-1 NF EN 60332-1-2; NF C 15-100
Nominal voltage U0/U : 0,6/1 kV
Test voltage (50 Hz) : 4 kV
Maximun voltage Um : 1,2 kV
Maximun operating temperature : +90° C
Maximun short circuit temperature : +250° C
Min. operating temperature
(without mechanical shocks)
: -25° C
Minimum installation and use temp. : -10° C
Minimum bending radius per
D cable diameter (in mm)
: 6 x D
Maximum pulling stress : 5 kg/mm² (of copper cross section)
Core colours single core : black
two cores : blue-brown
three  cores : brown-black-blue  (1,5/2,5 mmq); brown-black-gray (4 mmq)  or Y/G-blue-brown)
four cores : blue-brown-black-gray (or Y/G instead blue)
five cores : blue-brown-black-gray-Y/G (or black instead Y/G)
Sheath colour : black

U-1000 AR2V / R02V Cable – Applications
This cable is for use on industrial sites and the upright columns of buildings. Particularly suited in cases of high operating temperatures and when high resistance to solar radiation and atmospheric agents is required.

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