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Insulators are materials that inhibit the flow of electrical current.

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Insulators are materials that inhibit the flow of electrical current. They are implemented in household items and electrical circuits as protection and provide the required insulation between the line conductor and earth. Insulators possess high resistivity and low conductivity. In addition to protecting the loss of current, insulators make an electrical current more efficient by concentrating the flow.

Insulator properties

Insulators have some specific properties that make them different from other electrical devices. These are some features of insulators:

  • High resistivity
  • Good mechanical strength for the conductor load
  • The high relative permittivity of insulator material
  • Good dielectric strength
  • Waterproof or non-porous

Types of insulator materials

Insulators consist of different types of insulator materials like plastic, rubber, mica, wood, glass, etc. In the electrical system, specific insulating materials are used like porcelain, glass, steatite, polymer, ceramic, PVC.

Help to protect from heat, noise, and electricity

Support the overhead conductor

Insulate the live parts of equipment or conductor from the earth

Help to save switch gear, transformer, and other systems in a substation

the most popular  Types of Insulator we suppy are:

Pin insulator

Post insulator 

Suspension insulator 

Shackle insulator

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