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GGD Low Voltage Distribution Switchgear

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GGD AC LV fixed type switchgear is applicable to the distribution system with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 380V, rated current to 3150A below in power station, substation, plant enterprise etc., used for power transfer, distribution and control for power, lighting and distribution device

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GGD LV switchgear electric distribution cabinet

GGD AC LV fixed type switchgear is applicable to the distribution system with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 380V, rated current to 3150A below in power station, substation, plant enterprise etc., used for power transfer, distribution and control for power, lighting and distribution devices. The product has characteristics of high breaking capacity, fine dynamic and thermal stability, flexible electric project, convenient combination, better serial practicability, novel structure and high protection grade etc.It accords with the standards IEC439 Low voltage complete switch device and control device and GB7251.1 Low voltage complete switch device etc.


1. The body of GGD AC LV fixed type switchgear adopts universal cabinet type. Framework is assembled with 8MF cold bending bar steel through part welding. Framework components and special mating elements are matched by bar steel pointed manufactory for ensuring the precision and quality of cabinet. Components of universal cabinet is designed according to module principle, and with 20 moduls mounting hole and high universal coefficient.
2. Completely in view of the heat rejection during cabinet running. Heat rejectionsl ots of different quantities are installed in upper and underside both ends of cabinet.
3. According to the requirements on mold design for modern industry products, adopting the method of golden mean ratio to design cabinet outline and parting dimensions of each part, to make the whole cabinet beautiful and decent.
4. Cabinet gate is connected with framework with rotation axis type movable hinge. With convenient installation and disassembly. One mount type rubber strip is set in

edge fold of gate. Filler rod between gate and framework has certain compression stroke when closing the gate. It can prevent gate from impacting cabinet directly and
also advance the protection grade for gate.
5. Connect the meter gate set with electrical components with framework by multistrand soft copper wire. Connect the mounting pieces inside the cabinet with framework by knurled screws. The whole cabinet constructs complete earthing protective circuit.
6. Top cover of cabinet can be disassembled if necessary for convenience to the assembly and adjustment for main bus bar at site. Four squares of cabinet are set
with slinger for hoisting and shipping.
7. Protection grade of cabinet: IP30. User can choose within IP20~IP40 according to environmental requirements.

item unit GGD1 GGD2 GGD3
rated voltage main loop voltage V 380 690 380 690 380 690
boost voltage V 220/380 220/380 220/380 220/380 220/380 220/380
rated insulation voltage V 660 1000 660 1000 660 1000
rated power frequency Hz 50 60 50 60 50 60
rated current horizontal bus bar A 1000(A) 600(630)(B) 400 1600(A) 1000 (B) 600 1350(A) 2500(B) 2000
rated short cut current kA 15 30 50
rated withstand current kA 15 30 50
rated peek current kA 30 60 105
dimension(L*W*H) mm 600(800、1000) ×600(800) ×2200
Protect level IP30
weight kg 300~300


LV GGD Switchgear
LV GGD Switchgear

Installation and use notice

  • The product reaches destination, at first, they should check whether the packaging is intact, once they found the problem , they should be timely notify the relevant departments to do business contract records and analysis cause , prepare visa and deal with sales after. For the product not immediately install,they should be based on the conditions of normal use and electrical equipment for temporary custody at appropriate places for safe keeping.

  • 1. The product should be installed according to the installation diagram (see Figure2). Adopting bolt to be fixed and foundation channel steel is owned by the user. When the main bus row of tin should be installed , the lap surface should repair leveling, clean, paint neutral Vaseline or other measures , and then fix it by bolts

  • 2.Before commissioning ,inspect and test products after installation
    (1). Check the panel paint came off and cabinet inside dry , clean..
    (2). Whether electrical components of the operating mechanism is flexible, it should not be too large or too difficult to operate
    (3). Whether the main and auxiliary contacts of main electrical appliances are reliable and accurate
    (4).Instrument calibration setting, transformers’ ratio and polarity should be correct. (5).The connection of each busbar should be good, the insulation support, installation and other accessories should be installed firmly and reliably
    (6).Whether the auxiliary contact meets the requirements, the fuse core specification is correct, the setting value of the relay meets the design requirements, and the action is reliable and accurate
    (7).The circuit connecting point is in line with the electrical schematic diagram
    (8)Whether protection circuit system meets the requirements
    (9). The insulation resistance shall not be less than 11MΩ by using 690V megameter

  • 3. Notice for using
    (1). Device is not against wall installation, positive operation, double side maintenance for low voltage power distribution cabinet. Maintenance channel and cabinets door must be qualified professional personnel who shall enter into or open operation, inspection and maintenance.
    (2). Air circuit breaker, molded case circuit breaker has several opened and closed, especially after short circuit opened and closed, it can make the contacts local burn and produce carbon material,which will cause the contact resistance increases, it should be carried out maintenance and inspection according to circuit breaker instructions.

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