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Electrical Metering Distribution Board/distribution panel

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Mainly used in the metering terminal distribution in the industrial and civil construction such as office buildings, shops, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, residential community, edifice, workshops, factories etc.

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Electrical Metering Distribution Board/distribution panel

1.The enclosure of the Metering Distribution Board is made by stamping the cold-rolled steel sheet. The board door is with observation holes.

2.Non-switch single-phase metering board; three-phase metering board; customers can direct connect the cable to the earthing busbar and the cables of each unit can direct outgo from the meter.; for the single phase metering board, customers can direct connect the cable to the earthing busbar and make the wiring from the outgoing end of the switch to the units; after installation and testing, it should be lead sealed.

3.Top/bottom incoming / outgoing; switch chamber is installed with three phase earthing busbar and protection earthing busbar, making it easy to realizing power supply of single phase two wire, single phase three wire, three phase four wire, three phase five wire. The board is with lead sealing bolts and can have over-line clapboard to separate the switch and the meter according to customer’s requirement.

NO Project Name Unit Technical Parameters
1 Standards GB 7251.3-2006
2 Rated Insulated Voltage Ui V 690
3 Rated Working Voltage Ue V 400/230
4 Rated Current In A 63~6
5 Rated Short Time Withstand Current Icw kA 4
6 IP Code IP30
7 Ambient Working Temperature -20~+40
8 Installing Method Surface Installation, Invisibly Installation
9 Frame Material mm 1.2~1.5~2.0 Steel Sheet of Good Quality
10 Appearance Processing Static Spraying Technology
11 Panel Door Opening Direction Door Fully Opened ≥135°

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