Charging Solution for Real Estate Property

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The real estate property charging solution applies to the underground parking lot of residential and commercial buildings, and solves the problem of charging electric vehicle users at home or at work. The solution can be equipped with a charging operation management system platform and a cloud server platform, which can meet the needs of charging station operation management and facilitate end users to know charging information timely. At the same time, Ethernet, 4G, CAN and other communication modes are supported to facilitate centralized control of charging pile operation management platform.


1. Save space & cost: A4 paper size single-phase AC pile, supporting wall mounted and floor type installation methods.

2. Low operating cost: Charging piles are managed by Rockwill energy gateway for cluster management. Each energy gateway can control 10 electric piles at the same time, greatly reducing the operating cost.

3. Operation friendly: Charging can be started by swiping a credit card, mobile APP, Wechat public account, etc.

4. Strong compatibility: It can be compatible with the parking lot management system and have the ability to docking with the government supervision platform.

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