Fuse MV & LV, Lighting arresters

What’s the fuse and lighting arresters? it is familar with electric engineer, however to make a knowledge wide spreading, here we try to make a introuction about fuse with Middle voltage and low voltage, lighting arresters. fuse and lighting arresters are two different items, one is for overcurrent protection and the other one for overvoltage […]

What’s the armor requirement for power cable

(1) The cable armor layer should be painted or galvanized steel tape, steel wire, aluminum tape, aluminum wire, lead sheath (2) Mold matching: Select the mold according to the process regulations or the actual size of the wire core to ensure that the isolation sheath is not damaged. (3) The steel wire are wrapped in […]


1.What Is NYY Cable?Like it’s other family members in NYY cable family, NYY O cable is extensively used in power transmission and distribution application. Each of the letters in “NYY” designates the real NYY cable meaning, which is:N, stands for Copper coreY, designates a PVC insulation (inner)Y, identifies a cable with an outer PVC installationUsing […]